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The Product Accelerator helps connect industry with research expertise, solving industry problems, building productivity and supporting the transformation of the economy through diversification and improving its knowledge intensity.

The Government has allocated NZ$ 18 million in over four years to continue the Product Accelerator and Bioresource Processing Alliance programmes.

There were previously funded through the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s (MBIE) former “Enabling Technologies” funding mechanism.

The BioResource Processing Alliance, on the other hand, helps convert low value primary industry and other biological waste streams into high-value export goods, reducing waste and increasing New Zealand’s exports in general.

Callaghan Innovation will become the agency responsible for delivery of both programmes through the RTS teams.


The programme builds on the success of the applied research in the Materials Accelerator.

The proven principles of partnership with NZ companies and connection and establishment of strong, relevant basic research in the Materials Accelerator are carried forward into the new programme in a national “NZ-Inc” approach.

NZProduct Accelerator extends the group’s capability to additive manufacturing (3D Printing) technologies, product and industrial design A major proportion of NZ’s additive manufacturing research and development is taking place in the programme.

A comprehensive set of planned research activities across multiple research institutions are linked to many shorter term commercial projects over a broader product range.

Pipeline of knowledge and people diagram
Bridging the gap between basic research and commercialisation

The research addresses practical knowledge gaps by bringing together national research expertise and facilities with companies, to deliver enabling technology platforms. 

These technologies will support increased market penetration through new products, and reduced production and investment costs.

The growing national network of NZ companies, product and materials testing facilities, and open access laboratories is lowering capital risk, and connecting exporters and suppliers in flexible new value chains.

New industries in contract additive manufacturing, high value coatings, surfaces and membranes are generated or supported through the programme.

The network interactions are shown schematically in the diagram.

Network interactions diagram

Nine research organisations and Callaghan Innovation are partners in the NZProduct Accelerator.

The research organisations are AUT University, GNS Science, Massey University, Victoria University of Wellington, University of Canterbury, University of Otago, University of Waikato, and the University of Auckland.

The NZProduct Accelerator's team is based at the Newmarket Campus of the University of Auckland and its research and development partners are located throughout New Zealand.