• Regional Manager - NZ Artificial Limb Service
    09 July 2018
    NZ Product Accelerator's partner - NZ Artificial Limb Service is hiring a Regional Manager who is with good understanding and real enthusiasm in digital fabrication and additive manufacturing
  • NZ Product Accelerator Annual Research Meeting 13 September 2017
    27 September 2017
    On 13th and 14th September this year the fourth Annual Research Meeting for the NZ Product Accelerator was held at Newmarket Campus, The University of Auckland. 67 people attended from around New Zealand, including NZ Product Accelerator Partner Institutions around New Zealand joined academics, industry and government partners.
  • 3D Printing a New Way of Life for Amputees
    14 July 2017
    A swim limb prototype has been made using 3D printing technology at Victoria University of Wellington partner of NZ Product Accelerator. This year the team will continue develop a range of design concepts, and getting the swim limb closer to production level.
  • Kiwi Wine Tech Shakes Up Industry
    19 June 2017
    The NZ Product Accelerator is proud to take part in Win Grenade's journey.
  • Improving School Satety via IoT technology
    01 April 2017
    NZ Product Accelerator's partner has worked with Auckland Transport to utilize the IoT network, and sees an opportunity to improve school safety.
  • NZProduct Accelerator Research Meeting 3 August 2016
    25 August 2016
    The NZProduct Accelerator held a successful research meeting on 3rd August, 2016. The meeting focused on the research and achievements of postgraduate students over the first 3 years of the NZ Product Accelerator programme.
  • 3D Printing Helping Amputees
    01 August 2016
    NZ Product Accelerator's partner has done great work to improve the lives of amputees through using 3D printing technologies.
  • Application Drives Research
    20 July 2016
    When thinking about Fundamental Research and Product Development, most of us will have a process in mind that goes like this: you start with a clever idea, do the research and then develop products. Interestingly, the story of Ambitec (NZ) Ltd.’s decorative coatings takes the opposite direction: what started out as a simple testing request on a range of established products has now found its way into a scientific publication. This demonstrates how the NZ Product Accelerator is achieving positive outcomes in both the commercial and academic worlds, simultaneously.
  • 3D Printing Seminar at EMEX 2016
    01 July 2016
    The NZ Product Accelerator showcased the breadth and depth of its 3D printing activities at this year's EMEX.
  • Between the lines - January 2016
    31 January 2016
    Between the lines - NZProduct Accelerator Newsletter.
  • NZProduct Accelerator Research Meeting 27 - 28 January 2016
    27 January 2016
    NZProduct Accelerator Research Meeting Outcomes and Posters
  • Between the lines - November 2015
    30 November 2015
    Between the lines - NZProduct Accelerator Newsletter.
  • Between the lines - October 2015
    31 October 2015
    Between the lines - NZProduct Accelerator Newsletter.
  • Between the lines - September 2015
    30 September 2015
    Between the lines - NZProduct Accelerator Newsletter.
  • Between the lines - August 2015
    31 August 2015
    Between the lines - NZProduct Accelerator Newsletter.
  • University of Auckland Newmarket Campus Industry Day
    17 June 2015
    The event showcased the large scale research and testing facilities of University of Auckland. Attended by over 130 industry partners. Photos showing NZProduct Accelerator and industry partners’ involvement and some of the facilities.
  • NZProduct Accelerator Partnership links with Sri Lanka
    18 January 2015
    Sunday Observer - Economic prosperity is the key figure in symbolising a country's development. Today the key to success is innovation-based economy coupled with scientific research and business development.
  • NZ Inc Working - Biggest research gathering so far for the programme!
    19 November 2014
    Attended by 55 research and science leaders from ten research and development institutions. 6 from the North Island and 4 from South Island (including 2 technical institutes from the South Island).
  • PhD Scholarship Offer
    23 September 2014
    Search by Main Supervisor: Mark Taylor
  • National Testing Register Announcement
    23 August 2014
    A new National Testing Register for NZ based companies has been established between 12 NZ institutions and some private testing companies in NZ.