News 2016

  • NZProduct Accelerator Research Meeting 3 August 2016
    25 August 2016
    The NZProduct Accelerator held a successful research meeting on 3rd August, 2016. The meeting focused on the research and achievements of postgraduate students over the first 3 years of the NZ Product Accelerator programme.
  • 3D Printing Helping Amputees
    01 August 2016
    NZ Product Accelerator's partner has done great work to improve the lives of amputees through using 3D printing technologies.
  • Application Drives Research
    20 July 2016
    When thinking about Fundamental Research and Product Development, most of us will have a process in mind that goes like this: you start with a clever idea, do the research and then develop products. Interestingly, the story of Ambitec (NZ) Ltd.’s decorative coatings takes the opposite direction: what started out as a simple testing request on a range of established products has now found its way into a scientific publication. This demonstrates how the NZ Product Accelerator is achieving positive outcomes in both the commercial and academic worlds, simultaneously.
  • 3D Printing Seminar at EMEX 2016
    01 July 2016
    The NZ Product Accelerator showcased the breadth and depth of its 3D printing activities at this year's EMEX.
  • Between the lines - January 2016
    31 January 2016
    Between the lines - NZProduct Accelerator Newsletter.
  • NZProduct Accelerator Research Meeting 27 - 28 January 2016
    27 January 2016
    NZProduct Accelerator Research Meeting Outcomes and Posters