3D Printing a New Way of Life for Amputees

14 July 2017
Swim limb prototype in action

3D printing technology is in a state of perpetual development. With this evolution comes the potential for a greater range and functionality of limbs, as well as aesthetic.


Within his first week as chief executive of the New Zealand Artificial Limb Service, Sean Gray called the Victoria University’s School of Design in Wellington. “I was really interested in how our work could align, particularly with our R&D strategy” says Sean. “As technology advances, it is clear we have to get creative in how we produce prosthetics. While there are still a number of barriers 3D printing has to overcome in this space, the potential benefits that it could deliver for our clients is huge.”


Our Business Development Manager Brian McMath says, “Bringing the design school and 3D printing capability into the New Zealand Product Accelerator has really enhanced the way we can assist other companies producing products with this technology. It’s a truly ‘concept to market’ solution that we’re excited to be a part of” .


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