NZ Product Accelerator Annual Research Meeting 13 September 2017

27 September 2017

On 13th and 14th September this year the fourth Annual Research Meeting for the NZ Product Accelerator was held at Newmarket Campus, University of Auckland. Sixty-seven people attended from around NZ, including from University of Otago, Callaghan Innovation and University of Canterbury. Four members of our Industry Advisory and the International Science Boards attended the meeting, along with several other industry partners.

We were delighted to welcome key note speaker Professor Prasad Yarlagadda,  (Queensland University of Technology) who spoke on ‘Airports of the Future’.  We appreciated the attendance and contributions of Prof Robert Burford (University of NSW), Steve Wilson (CEO, Talbot Technologies) and key representatives from our Advisory Board, Callaghan Innovation and other NZ universities.

The student participants created a professional display of posters, demonstrating research outcomes on a broad range of research topics.  Over half of the students took the opportunity to give oral presentations on their research progress, demonstrating great enthusiasm and knowledgeable authority on their areas of research.

The four sessions were chaired by principal investigators from within the NZ Product Accelerator team and covered Additive Manufacturing, Functional Materials, Design and Smart Manufacturing, and Manufacturing Technologies.  All of the student presentations generated good follow-up discussions and positive feedback, and the audience was impressed with many for their clear demonstration of commercial applicability.

The event closed with the award of three prizes and two mentions of merit by judges Robert Burford and Steve Wilson (CEO, Talbot Technologies).


Welcome from Prof Mark Taylor
Student Posters
Prof Robert Burford is annoucing the winners of prizes and awards
Victoria Robinson from Victoria University of Wellington won Best Poster Design Award
Group photo of research meeting attendees
Chair of NZ Product Accelerator Industry Advisory Board presenting Tomorrow's Economy
Matilda Hayward from Victoria University of Wellington won Best Oral Presentation Award
Yuanbin Wang from The University of Auckland won Most Commercially Applicable Award