What we do

The NZProduct Accelerator undertakes research in the manufacturing, materials, and design of products for innovative manufacturing companies, to enable them to compete and grow their markets.

Many New Zealand manufacturers uses a variety of materials but it is increasingly necessary to develop products that contain combinations of unfamiliar materials- multi-material design and surface functionalization are specialities within our team. We can help innovative manufacturers understand how particular materials perform in combination through a wide range of testing facilities.  Technologies are also available to combine materials to give superior functionality, and  to redesign processes to achieve these outcomes. Advanced modelling, testing facilities, and Open Access laboratories within the NZProduct Accelerator network are enabling these more complex products to be trial manufactured, and shortening the product development cycle.

The engagement process with a company starts with a conversation. We need to understand the company’s market and product strategies, the manufacturing and materials pain points, and the company's business opportunities. Participating companies get the chance to investigate and prove to themselves how investing in R&D can drive business growth.

From those early conversations, we invite the company to identify two or three R&D projects that would enable them to generate exceptional value. These projects must have the support of the company’s CEO, and senior management team.

Subsequent discussions establish the scope of the project, the required resourcing and time-frame, and the terms of engagement. A collaborative agreement will be drawn up, describing the project stages in detail, specifying the amount of co-funding that the company will commit to the research project, as each agreed milestone is achieved. The company’s go-to-market strategy and commercialisation plan will be outlined at this stage.


How to get involved

If your company is a materials-based manufacturer or a designer with a vision for developing higher-value products for new export markets, we’d like to hear from you. Please contact our Business Development Manager, Brian McMath, in the first instance.

Call Brian on (09) 236 3324 or (021) 914 439, or email him on mcmath@paradise.net.nz