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Level 2,  Building 903
314-390 Khyber Pass Road
Newmarket Campus  (enter via Gate3)

Key Contacts

Mark Jones


Telephone:+64 9 923 4548
Mobile:+64 21 204 0720


Mark Taylor


Telephone:+64 9 923 3878
Mobile:+64 21 773 174


Brian McMath

Business Development Manager

Telephone:+64 9 236 3324
Mobile:+64 21 914 439



Frequently Asked Questions


Whom we work with?

Product Accelerator is a nationwide program including New Zealand Universities and CRI’s to help NZ industries, including SMEs and startups. We also engage with Government entities for policy matters.

How do we operate?
We work on our existing model of pull science and a four-way process of Engage, Define, Connect and Deliver. You can find more details on our About Us page.
What is your service cost?
The Government funds us to help NZ industries in building up their technological capabilities. The stages Engage, Define, and Connect does not incur any charges, and it’s the delivery stage that might involve any services within our network that have costs associated with them.

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