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Our Mission

Our mission is to

  • Connect NZ Industries with the best science and technology teams from across our network.
  • Assist companies with new product development, problem-solving, and embedding technology innovation
  • Provide the “missing science” in the NZ research and development ecosystem

Our Capabilities

We have broad capabilities from practical business skills and technology development and application, as well as deep capability in materials and manufacturing areas. Our technological capability is centered in six portfolios: Materials & Surfaces; Manufacturing Systems; Bioprocessing & Recycling; Design Innovation; Energy & Emissions; Sensing, Monitoring & Automation. Our Business Development team is the most experienced and connected in New Zealand. We invite you to connect with us (use it as part of our service).

Materials & Surfaces


Materials and surfaces are influencing every segment of our daily life, such as housing, energy, transportation, recreation, communication and food products. In particular, availability of materials technology hold back development of all our productive sectors, if we don’t develop and apply them. NZ Product Accelerator is working with industry, academia, and government in a partnership to develop new materials, surfaces and treating techniques that accelerate new product development for NZ, reducing production costs and enhancing environmental impact.

Portfolio Manager: Shanghai Wei

Design Innovation


The Design Innovation portfolio maximises the digital leap through distributed design, development, manufacturing and service delivery for New Zealand. NZ Product Accelerator has extensive knowledge of immerging trends and world-class equipment within additive manufacturing for 3D/ 4D printed products and systems, materials and sensing technologies coupled with a strong focus for a circular economy and real benefit for NZ.

Portfolio Manager: Monique Bateman

Manufacturing Systems


Manufacturing is a key economic driver for New Zealand, generating almost 10% of GDP and close to 250,000 jobs. Its role in catalyzing R&D and innovation in other sectors is just as important. NZ Product Accelerator provides support to manufacturers in diverse areas, from 3D printing and big data to manufacturing materials, along with specific research expertise in hybrid digital manufacturing technologies and Construction 4.0 relating to off-site manufacture of buildings.

Portfolio Manager: Anthony Meyer

Energy & Emissions


Energy transfer and Emission reduction are critical measures to achieve New Zealand’s national Carbon Neutral goal by 2050. NZ Product Accelerator is supporting improvement in productivity and efficiency in energy transfer and storage, providing specific research expertise in efficiency improvement in green energy, energy management and system controls, as well as integration of energy saving technologies into NZ industry and improving energy efficiency in the food industry.

Portfolio Manager: Jingjing Liu

Soft Materials, Bioprocessing & Recycling


The Soft Materials and Recycling Portfolio is focussed on technologies for value additions to the bio-materials/bio-economy sectors including food and beverage. Bio-materials and bio-economy sectors are NZ 6.8b in export revenue, but can be increased substantially through maximising value addition, while minimising waste during processing and packaging. Creating innovative processes and products from present waste streams is a win-win for NZ since it also reduces landfill and runoff into waterways. Sustainable environmental credentials, positive financial outcomes, and employment opportunities are the goals.

Portfolio Manager: Karnika De Silva

Sensing & Automation


Sensing and Automation technologies are an integral part of the major New Zealand’s  industries, such as Manufacturing, Agritech,  Bioresources, and other primary industries. NZ Product Accelerator provides support for industries and research groups in the field of automation, robotics, and sensing technologies. Key critical technologies in this sector include intelligent data processing, autonomous robotics using artificial intelligence, remote sensing and our wide range of expertise in bundled sensors technology using AI, IoT, and WiFi Sniffing.

Portfolio Manager: Harshpreet Singh

Our Research Partners

Consisting of New Zealand and international companies, more than 100 researchers and practitioners from 9 research organisations and several government organisations.


NZ Prosthetic Eye

Our new material has the potential to improve the quality of life of prosthetic eye wearers globally and the breakthrough could not have been achieved without the knowledge, enthusiasm and support provided by NZ Product Accelerator.”

– Keith Pine, Ocular Prosthetist


“As you can see our development and use of new coating technology, these stones are beautiful and crafted right here in Aotearoa! I think even though not all things went to plan due to covid. The Life Stone and Product Accelerator example is one of a great success.”

Dain Guttenbeil, CEO

Inhibit Coatings

“I believe Inhibit Coatings is an excellent example of how leading edge science and technology that is developed in the collaborative and well connected research and industry environment, such as the one provided by the NZPA, can lead to the successful establishment of a new start-up company with employment and business opportunities both in NZ and internationally.”

– Eldon Tate, CEO

Propspeed International

“This partnership has added incredible value and contribution to our R&D efforts…..I have no doubt that our product development has been accelerated with the NZPA team involvement.”

Renee Woolcot, Chief Impact & Innovation Officer

I believe Inhibit Coatings is an excellent example of how leading-edge science and technology that is developed in the collaborative and well-connected research and industry environment, such as the one provided by the NZPA, can lead to the successful establishment of a new start-up company with employment and business opportunities both in NZ and internationally.

Eldon Tate

CEO, Inhibit Coatings

This partnership has added incredible value and contribution to our R&D efforts….I have no doubt that our product development has been accelerated with the NZPA team involvement.

Renee Woolcott

Prop Speed

It is really important for us as a business to have independent testing validate our new technologies. Using the Product Accelerator team at Auckland University has allowed us to test existing industry technology, compare them with our new initiatives and ensure we deliver real benefits through our new product technologies.

Ashe Seatter

Comfort Group

“Partnering with the right group and mix of people, academic institutions is what makes the difference.

Andrew Renton

Senior Principal Engineer, Transpower

NZPA Latest News


Big Congratulations to NZPA key Research Leader Prof. Johan Potgieter!

Big Congratulations to NZPA key Research Leader Prof. Johan Potgieter winner of the 2021 Kiwi Innovation Network (KiwiNet) Researcher Entrepreneur Award!

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Outstanding Achievement by NZPA core team member Dr. Jingjing Liu- Marsden Fast Start Funding 2021

NZPA researcher Dr. Jingjing Liu and the team at the University of Auckland have been awarded Marsden Fast Start funding 2021. This research will crucially inform strategies for eliminating the thermal strain of water electrolyser, substantially extending the lifespan of electrolyser components and their capability for continuous operation. This will improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of electrolytic hydrogen production.

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NZPA and MedTech Core sponsored entry selected as one of the 35 international finalists for the Purmundus Challenge 2021

Visible Women (by Ana Morris) has been selected as one of the 35 international finalists for the Purmundus Challenge 2021. The entry has been sponsored by NZPA and MedTech Core.

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NZPA supported design students runner-up in 2021 James Dyson Awards

Courtney Naismith and Matthew O’Hagan, who carried out their Masters projects at the VUW School of Design Innovation supported by NZPA, have been named runner-up in the 2021 James Dyson Awards for their work on 3D printed artefacts made using recycled plastic waste.

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Next-generation Rechargeable Batteries-Marsden funded project led by Dr. Shanghai Wei

NZPA researcher Dr. Shanghai Wei and the team at the University of Auckland are working on a very cool project on next-generation rechargeable batteries. 

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NZPA key research leader Prof. Johan Potgieter nominated for the 2021 KiwiNet Awards

Following the success of Prof Jim Johnston and Dr. Eldon Tate at the 2020 Kiwinet awards, Professor Johan Potgieter (NZPA Research Leader for Sensing and Automation portfolio) is recognised as one of sixteen finalists in the 2021 Kiwinet Awards under the ‘Researcher Entrepreneur’ category.

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NZPA supported design students nominated for NZ Best Design Awards

Four NZPA supported students from the School of Design Innovation at Victoria University of Wellington have been nominated for the 2021 NZ Best Design Awards

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NZPA interaction with FireTS Lab

Prof. Mark Taylor (Director NZPA)  had an amazing interview with Fire TS Laboratory.  Mark provided an insight about our pull science model and how NZPA can help with the development of a new product/technology IP in New Zealand.  Professor Mark Taylor is a Fellow of IChemE and has spent 30 years in technology and line management in metals, and high value manufacturing, working at the interface between research and application.

– Read more

Big win for New Zealand Product Accelerator team

The New Zealand Product Accelerator team won the Velocity Innovation Challenge 2021 for the UN Sustainable Development category, ‘To make the world a better place’.

– Read more

Great success at the 2020 Kiwinet awards

An excellent result for Jim Johnston and Eldon Tate who collectively won 3 awards at the KiwiNet Awards.

– Read more

Let’s turn those buoys into real-time mussel sensors

A collaborative research project to improve monitoring of offshore mussel farms has moved to its next phase with sensor-laden smart buoys undergoing testing in the Marlborough Sounds.

– Read more

Inhibit Coatings – a rapid journey from PhD to Start Up Company

In response to a number of company’s market pull, the NZ Product Accelerator funded a PhD scholarship for Eldon Tate at Victoria University of Wellington to research how silver entities could be incorporated and bonded to a variety of materials to develop new antimicrobial coatings and surface treatments.

– Read more

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