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It all began with a desire to bring the wool industry back to its best. Wool has long been a cornerstone of Aotearoa’s industry and identity. But when a sharp shift in consumerism saw manufacturers sidetracked by synthetics, our famed natural super fibre fell from favour. Wool prices took a hit, and farmers bore the brunt of it. With five generations of wool handling in our family, we felt a responsibility to our whenua and community in Tairāwhiti Gisborne. So we created a super wool — a Wisewool.

A revolutionary material engineered by intertwining wool fibres into tiny spring-like buds that enhance its inherent bounce and resilience while retaining wool’s incomparable natural attributes.Product origins, composition and sustainability have regained their rightful value, and our 100% natural, organic, and chemical-free Wisewool is leading the charge.

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The Relationship

Raechel Laing (Product Accelerator’s Research Leader) was able to help Wisewool, a wool industry company, solve issues with their engineered 100% wool by comparing it to the performance of synthetic materials typical of the upholstery industry. The challenge was to ensure that their natural product could compete with synthetic alternatives in terms of critical performance attributes. To identify the right project/method for Wisewool, Raechel identified test methods (and modifications to these where further useful evidence could be obtained), and appropriate accredited national and international laboratories to undertake the test protocols. She assisted internal and external communications on tests and testing and provided analysis and interpretation of results leading to suggested improvements.

The Impact

The importance of this project was to promote New Zealand wool and its unique properties as a sustainable and natural alternative to synthetic materials. The company approached Raechel Laing for her expertise in international testing to ensure that their product met the highest market standards and certifications.

The Value

The end result was that Wisewool was able to focus on the right industry and measure their success in the right places. The partnership was mutually beneficial as Raechel Laing enjoyed seeing a local business add value to wool while Wisewool used her expertise to perform global testing and learn from her years of experience. Overall, Raechel Laing’s involvement helped Wisewool address issues with synthetic vs natural products, promote New Zealand wool, and ensure that their engineered wool met the highest standards in the industry.

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