About Us

Our Vision

A dynamic, trusted network of technology developers and practitioners across New Zealand business, research, and government communities.

 New Zealand’s distinctive technology companies successfully compete in world markets through Product Accelerator supported development of products, processes and services.

Our Process

The Product Accelerator helps connect industry with research expertise, solving industry problems, building productivity and supporting the transformation of the economy through diversification and improving knowledge intensity.

Companies with R&D challenges have a Project Lead assigned who provides a concierge service in accessing our member Research Leads and R&D teams. The Project Leads support your R&D project from scoping through to research team identification, contracting, deployment and to ultimate delivery of project objectives.

Projects are contracted through our member Commercialisation Offices, which we support you to  navigate.

Our Enterprise Engagement Model consists of four distinct stages, designed to deliver a seamless experience throughout the R&D process.



The engagement stage with a company starts with a conversation about the company, its needs and its opportunities. Market and product strategies, as well as technology challenges and barriers come up. The engagement conversation doesn’t stop, ever. New connections for the company, and the forming of a project team to address the best opportunities and often outcomes.



In the course of the engagement we help the company define the business and technology edge which would enable exceptional value to be generated. A clear project scope is part of this Define stage, along with the resources from the company and from the network to enable success. This will result in a project contract if it has the support of the top management of the company.



During the definition of the opportunity we have found many connections need to be made for the company, including to enable the project. We connect with a wide range of people inside and outside our network, who help in the Define stage and also many become part of the project team if approved by the company.



In the Deliver stage a Project Lead from NZ Product Accelerator is assigned, and a project team approved by the company gets to work. This ideally has members form the company as well. Projects range from 2 weeks to 2 years in duration, but we aim at 3-12 months, because this is a timeframe which can meet the market.


Ongoing Relationships


Projects released in market

Projects in pipeline

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