An NZ owned manufacturer with innovation at the heart of its products.


Company Profile

The Comfort Group is Australasia’s largest mattress and foam manufacturer, employing over 1,000 people across Australia and New Zealand. Their Company Ethos is “world class expertise & leading edge innovation”.

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The Relationship

NZPA and The Comfort Group have a multifaceted relationship that over a number of years has spanned research into Phase Change Materials, advanced sensing design, and complex product testing systems…research right through to product and market development.

The scope of projects undertaken has been wide ranging and includes Industrial Design where 45 final year design students at Victoria University, came up with original ideas for new concept bedroom furniture.


The Impact

The work that TCG conducted with the NZPA team around surface infused PCM’s under the brand name ‘Kulkote’  has been a major contributing factor in product lines that have generated significant market revenues in excess of $60M. The success of this launch has ensured TCG’s exclusive distribution rights of Kulkote for this part of the world.

NZPA has worked with The Comfort Group to independently validate innovative components and concepts for TCG NZ, AU & International. The expertise of the PA team has given TCG confidence to make assertive above the line marketing claims with industry leading technology


The Value

Dean Rope, Group Product Development Manager The Comfort Group, said “Regulatory requirements now mean we cannot accept the testing methodology and results of suppliers as a means to abdicate legal responsibility and this is where the NZ Product Accelerator has been pivotal in our innovation strategy. it has allowed us to accurately mirror the testing of our componentry suppliers as a control and then incorporate different variables to quickly assess performance improvements”.

He added “The team’s professionalism is world class and we appreciate the exposure to the wider NZ Product Accelerator’s network. Working with the NZPA has become an important part of how we operate as a business and is now specified as part of our R&D budget process”.


NZPA and TCG are currently working together on further sleep related innovative technologies.


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