Big Congratulations to Product Accelerator’s key Research Leader Prof. Johan Potgieter winner of the 2021 Kiwi Innovation Network (KiwiNet) Researcher Entrepreneur Award! Following the success of Prof Jim Johnston and Dr. Eldon Tate at the 2020 Kiwinet awards, Professor Johan Potgieter (Product Accelerator’s Research Leader for Sensing and Automation portfolio) announced as a winner of the 2021 Kiwi Innovation Network (KiwiNet) Researcher Entrepreneur Award! Prof. Johan Potgieter has developed a significant commercialisation portfolio with a strong drive to improve the New Zealand research and commercialisation landscape through strong business partnerships and end-users: Remote monitoring substation robotic platform for Transpower Ltd

  • Within the  Product Accelerator engaging with and providing commercial technology solutions to a variety of companies within New Zealand
  • FMCG product development for Zuru Ltd
  • Developed a confectionary manufacturing process for a $500M revenue product
  • Start-ups – MA Innovations Ltd, ISM Ventures Pty Ltd, Compress Tech Ltd
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