Visible Women (by Ana Morris) has been selected as one of the 35 international finalists for the Purmundus Challenge 2021. It was created by using serially sectioned cryosection images of a female cadaver produced by researchers working on The National Library of Medicines Visible Human Project (VHP). A total of 5,102 images were processed to form a digital model replicated using a Stratasys J750 3D printer.

The entry has been sponsored by Product Accelerator and MedTech Core.

The special exhibition will focus on innovative, forward-looking concepts in the fields of medicine, biotechnology, 4D printing, VR, robotics, e-mobility, powertrain technology, mechanical and plant engineering. In addition to a concrete shading of buildings, a lift, a juice squeezer made from lemon peel, a kinematic chair and prostheses for dogs, the finalists include products from the sports fields of ballet, golf, climbing and artistry. Design products from the music and leisure sectors are also in the running. A smart gear, a newly developed material switching unit for FDM, potential applications for scaling processes and agile systems, and a vision for managing AM part production on a global scale are also being presented.

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