Tomorrow’s Economy” is an initiative by our Advisory Board chaired by Sir Ian Taylor to tackle big economic issues and develop “sticky NZ-centric industries.” The first vision to be developed has been Bio-Forest Products-wide ranging products manufactured from trees. The Product Accelerator model of “pull science”- or “industry-led” resulted in a working group being formed with the key industry players who are driving this significant opportunity for NZ-Oji Fibre Solutions, NZ Bioforestry Ltd, and Futurity Bioventures.

All the industry participants realized they could not do this bio-transformation on their own, and the Product Accelerator was the catalyst that enabled the working group to collaborate by also bringing Scion, NZTE, NZ Forest Service, and the Forest Growers and related parties to the table. As a result of two grants from Agmardt & the Forest Growers, we commissioned an independent third party to report on the Potential Value of  Bio-Products from Forests. The report has been just released, which shows Bio-Forest Products can be a new  Manufacturing and Processing industry, almost the same size as the dairy industry.

To quote Sir Ian Taylor- “A Tree is More than Wood”

Read the full report here. 


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